Home Insurance vs Home Warranty

By James Iwanski, Team Manzon Transaction Coordinator


Owning a home is one of the greatest investment choices you can make in your life. With every investment you make, you would want to protect it. In this case, your home needs to be protected to its best, and there are two ways in protecting a big asset. Home Insurance and Home Warranty. 

Home Insurance is a requirement from your lender. This tends to be one of the conditional approvals in the loan process, provide a copy of home insurance or insurance agent. The insurance will protect your home from major items (leaks, break-ins, etc.) and the amount of coverage and what is covered depends greatly on which company you select. 

Most Home Insurance companies do not offer standard Earthquake protection. Earthquake coverage is usually a separate policy or add-on with a substantial price increase.

Home Warranty is usually paid for by the seller for your first year. This covers an appliance breaking, minor leak, etc. Again these coverages depend on which company you select and options. Most home warranty companies will dispatch a technician for repairs for a $75 deductible. The item is either repaired or replaced, again depending on which company and options are selected. Make sure you research which company is best equipped to help your family.

If you’d like to dig deeper into maximizing your protection, contact one of our Team Members or partnered lenders today for referred companies!