List Your Home ASAP with These Resources

Now is the time to take advantage of buyer demand if you have a home to sell. At the same time, making a super-quick sale may not be safe given the current climate. Fortunately, there are solutions.

You can learn more about listing your home in a snap with Team Manzon. Plus, consider these resources you may need to get moving on your property sale.

Prep Your Home in Advance

Part of listing your home is prepping it for polished photographs and in-person or virtual tours. Take these steps before letting your listing go live.

  • Start scrubbing: use the right cleaning products to nix germs and reduce risk.
  • Enlist pro help to clean your floors for even more appeal.
  • Declutter and stage your home to show off its best attributes.
  • Take the best possible photos (or consider hiring a pro).

Learn About All Your Options

From market trends to laws on in-person showings, keeping up with the changing rules on real estate can help you stay informed. That way, you know when you find a good deal (or need expert help).

  • Consider virtual alternatives in place of in-person showings to reduce risk.
  • Check your state’s rules that govern showings and safety protocols.
  • Recognize how the recession is impacting prospective buyers (and, therefore, sellers).

Organize the Essentials

You might expect selling your home to go smoothly, but paperwork problems and unforeseen inspection issues can throw a wrench in the works. Think about these essentials while you prepare to list your house.

  • Determine how quick of a sale you want – and what your sales contract needs to reflect.
  • Get your paperwork together so you’re ready at the drop of a hat.
  • Think about having an inspection before the buyers to avoid surprises

By taking the right steps in advance, you can get organized and streamline the sale of your house. Have all your ducks in a row to list your property today? Contact Team Manzon to find out your next steps and get expert help throughout the process.

Photo via Unsplash

Writer: Suzie Wilson