Our VIP Mini Pumpkin Patch Event

One of our favorite Team Manzon events to date!

As you know with covid, having client events was a challenge. Team Manzon will not let this obstacle stop us from showing our clients love!

What Did We Do?

We hosted a photo booth and a mini pumpkin patch event for our clients where each client would have a private 15-minute appointment with their families to pick out a pumpkin, a mini family photoshoot, and got some goody bags!

We had 22 families booked with 15-minute private appointments and it was a success. Everyone wore masks, temperatures were taken at the front, sanitizers and wipes were available for everyone, and we even did a health screening beforehand!

Masks only came off at the photoshoot. The photos came out amazing and I am loving all the big smiles! Here is a little recap of how it went!

Thank you to all our sponsors and partners for helping make this event so fun and memorable.

Grateful for all the people we’ve worked with and we want to always give back.

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